Would you like to experience the beauty of the Dominican Republic from a different perspective? Do you like extreme sports and accepting new challenges? If your answer to these questions is yes, we have modern and safe buggies prepared for you.

You can choose from following options:

  1. CHILD RIDE – 1 hour

A ride adapted to children. Includes stops where your children will learn many interesting facts about the nature and animals in the Dominican Republic.


Extraordinary experience of riding on the beach and exploring romantic corners virgin nature.

  1. WILD RIDE* – 1 – 2 hours

This unforgettable experience takes you to secret spots, lookouts with incredible views and lets you experience the wildlife in an adventurous ride through the nature of the Dominican Republic

*experienced drivers only

In case you would prefer view from horseback, we have some great news, too: you can enjoy horseback riding on our ranch. Whether you want to go with that special someone or rather with a group of friends (up to 8 people), we offer absolute relaxation in the horse saddle, riding along the beach at a lazy step and getting to know the beautiful countryside. The tour stops for lunch at a local restaurant with a wide selection of seafood and fresh fruit juices.