Reasons to invest in the Dominican Republic:

Property is proven as the safest form of storing capital. The money that is invested in property not only generates profit from leasing to tenants, but also grows in value over time. This meets the trend of investing “easy numbers”, in other words buying low and selling high.

Dominican Republic is a Caribbean leader in popularity with investors for confirmed positive returns of investment. We guarantee a minimum of 8% annual rate of return and payback of the investment within 5 years. Dominican Republic is also the steadiest economy of the region, and therefore investment made here is the safest. On top of that, local demand for exclusive exotic experiences and eco-friendly solutions has multiplied over the past years. Therefore, DIOS blends the best of both worlds and offers you an exclusive opportunity to invest in unique and luxurious projects. You can be the first to benefit from their promising returns.

Dominican Republic is known for its pristine nature and ideal climate. When combined, these two factors have an exceptional potential for development and expansion of tourism, further boosting local income. Besides other advantages, Dominican Republic remains among very few other exotic countries where ownership of land and assets is final, and all rights are transferred directly to its owner. Nonetheless, it is important to get well-informed about local laws and administrative operations in action during acquisition of a property because they can differ from legal standards we are used to from other parts of the world.

In the first phase, DIOS offers exclusive building plots with a driveway at the boundary and a possibility of connection to the grid. Our lands are in proximity to luxury resorts, but offer comforts of absolute privacy with a taste of true virgin beauty of the island.

Main advantages of investing in the Dominican Republic with DIOS:

  • PRIVATE LIFE: No crowded resorts. Only individual bungalows on the lots, where you can build your own community.
  • TAX BENEFITS: The Dominican Republic is open to direct foreign investments and offers political and economic stability. Tourism is supported by special laws on the development of tourism that provide a tax relief for a period of 10 years. The first investment can already be deducted from your taxes.
  • NON-HAZARDOUS INVESTMENT: The investment is carried out through a multinational fund which is subject to many regulations, including regulation by the CNB, which protects your investment. We provide the possibility of a so-called “back brake” during the investment. In practice, this means redemption of a building under construction with an appreciation of the initial investment.
  • UNIQUE BANKING SERVICES: We offer complete banking services.
  • CITIZENSHIP: Possibility of obtaining a second citizenship and Dominican Republic passport = tax benefits.